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A Little More Pepe on the Walls.

Don’t you often wonder if it took a group of people or just one person to create an art piece like this on a New York City block?



In this case, only two hands touch this city block with paint to create the mural in the photos you see here.  The artistic mind behind it, Lauryn Pepe.

A couple of months ago I meet this free spirited woman who keeps you entertained with her stories and personality. Once I saw some of her work, there was no doubt in my mind that she would be on TheRomeoReport.com.  Lauryn’s work ranges from painting on common pieces of furniture making them one of a kind,  creating wallpaper for places like Hollister in Soho to murals that take up an entire city blocks. Read More. See More.

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The Romeo Report: Issue 72

theromeoreport issue 73

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Attending The Fashion Trade Show Coterie.

As a fashion buyer you want more than just watching the models walk up and down the runways. The buyers need to touch the clothes, they need prices, fabrics used, etc. The sooner that information is available to them the better they can tell their fashion stories to the customers.

This is where trade shows come in, Coterie to be specific. For the buyers, fashion editors, and students that couldn’t attend the fashion shows, the trade show gives them up close and personal access without the glitz and glamour.

After fashion week the serious work begins for the designers and buyers.

This video shows you what a visit to Coterie can be. My co-worker, Isidoro, and myself  spent last Monday morning getting a glimpse of what our favorite designers created, visited old friends and previewed what we’ll be wearing come next fall!

I would say it was a morning well spent!


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The Romeo Report: Issue 72

theromeoreport issue 72


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The Romeo Report: Issue 71

the romeo report issue 71


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The Romeo Report: Issue 70

theromeoreport issue 70


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The Romeo Report: Issue 69

theromeoreport issue 69www.theromeoreport.com

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Sweets and Jewelry, Don’t Hate Marie Antoinette.

Chocolate is a woman’s best friend along with diamonds. Wouldn’t we love to live like Marie Antoinette, sitting in our parlor, eating gourmet candy, chocolate or pastries while dripping in diamonds and other jewels? We may not have Ladies In Waiting or wear white wigs, but we can get the chocolates and jewels much faster to our front doors, than Marie Antoinette ever could. HRH (Her Royal Highness) meet the WWW (World Wide Web).

Click on each piece below to purchase these great items from Body Candy, Z Chocolate, Shopgoldyn and Asford.  Enjoy!

Body Candy Italian Charms Laser IOTA Greek Letter LOWER CASE$4.99 Body Candy Italian Charms Laser THETA Greek Letter LOWER CASEFor Body Candy Italian Charms Laser NU Greek Letter LOWER CASE


Body Candy Italian Charms Laser EPSILON Greek Letter LOWER CASE


Chocolate Box With I Love You Engraved In French (15 pieces)$47.99 Love Box  With Heart-Shaped Bergamote Chocolates (10 pieces)$33.27 4 Love Boxes Filled With Heart-Shaped Chocolates (40 pieces)$94.71 Trendy Steel Colored Chocolate Box With Velcro Lock (10 pieces)$29.43

Adorning your fingers while eating chocolate shall make it taste so much better!

14kt Gold Diamond Twist$568.00 18kt gold and Black Diamond Pave Ring$4,500.00 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Moss Ring$650.00 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Twist Trio$1650.00

Don’t be fooled, men like chocolate too, but no heart shaped or pink boxes.

Trendy Steel Colored Chocolate Box With Velcro Lock (15 pieces)$38.39 Mahogany 3-Drawer Chocolate Box (45 pieces)$153.59 Trendy Steel Colored Chocolate Box With Velcro Lock (15 pieces)$47.49 5 Mini Mahogany Chocolate Boxes (25 pieces)$115.19

I’m quite sure Marie Antoinette didn’t have the luxury of a beautiful timepiece on her wrist.

Gucci YA068501 6800 Diamond Pave Dial Bamboo Over Stainless Steel Women's Watch$1,995.00 Now $675.00 Concord 0311535 Mariner Black and Diamond Dial Stingray Leather Women's Watch$8,490.00 Now $2,125.00 Seiko SXGN50 Diamond Blue Dial Stainless Steel and Gold Plated Women's Watch$425.00 Now $191.00
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Fashionable Art.

Click on each image above to purchase from Amazon.com Enjoy!

Fashionable Art can mean different things to several people. It can be the clothes one wears, the shoes we walk in or the accessories used to complete an outfit. What about taking fashion and making it something we can put onto our walls. If some of us could, we would take fashion magazine pages and frame them. That may lack some class though. Alternatives you ask for, Illustrations and graphic design are some. Illustrators like Andy Warhol, Julie Verhoeven, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Renaldo Barnette and Michael Roberts have used fashion to showcase their visions and talents with colors and shapes. They are just a few of the many artists that allows us to put Fashionable Art on our walls.


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I Don’t Think So: Taking New Year’s To A New Level

Valentino has dresses fashion royalty for decades.  I’ve never taught the brand would create something that would have me raising an eyebrow until I saw this…

Valentino-Shining-Flower-Tux Tote
Valentino-Shining-Flower-Tux Tote Purchase Here

The bag got noticed on this season of the Gossip Girl for all the wrong reasons. It looks as though it was a accessory class project that went wrong.  Ohh and the price $4,495, adding insult to injury. Sometimes, too much of a good thing, is just too much. On the flip side, if you’re indecisive about what to wear for New Year’s, this bag is four outfits in one. Sequins, studs, ruffles and a bow. Just show up in your underwear and the bag.

I Don’t Think So: I’ll Pass on The Hip Action

I Don’t Think So…..Well Maybe for the Environment.

I Don’t Think So: Antonio Berardi Heels

Here are some better looking options that wouldn’t break the bank and still keep you looking chic.

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