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James Jean:New Jeans to Look At.

For the lucky people who will be gracing California with their presence in the near future ,  James Jean, one of my favorite illustrators, has new paintings on view at JANM (Japanese American National Museum) until Jan 24th 2010.

Those who know his body of work, this is not to be missed!  For others who are not familiar… click the link below and enjoy!

“Show Them What You Got Mr. Jean

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Big and Flashy.

flashy 1

Show It Loud, Show It Proud.  You want to be noticed, the center of attention, right?  You can do it without saying a word, by wearing some of Fall’s accessories that are flashy in all the right ways.

flashy2flashy 3

Rock your clothes with big necklaces.  Your handbags will need there own seats in restaurants because of the embelishments on them and  your shoes…ohhh your shoes. No words needed, just stares.

Don’t Hate, Congratulate.



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Show Them What You Got Mr. Jean

Talk about putting us to shame. In less than 10 years this talent has managed to win several awards, published 4 books, worked for DC ComicsThe New York TimesSpinTarget, Prada just had his first solo exhibit in Jonathan LeVine Gallery and is just thirty years old.  I feel weird to be inspired by someone so young, but if you’ve seen the body of work James Jean has accumulated, you would become an instant fan also.

James Jean 1James Jean 2
This may also depend on the type of art you love. Mr. Jean draws you in with colors and animation, if you take a longer look, the dark story behind some of his piece starts to show. With the colors and his use of children or animated characters, most likely kids will be attracted to James creations, but  his pieces are definitely not G rated.

James Jean crayoneaterprada-james-jean-buildingJames Jean horseJames Jean hive

If you visit the bio page on his website, there is nothing except for the year he was born (1979-).  It is obvious that he is not one for many words, but his art says everything.  We should look forward to seeing you pretty often in the future Mr.J.

James Jean prada wallpaper


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Kate, Rip it Off.

Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen

Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen

Who would put Band-Aids on Kate Moss if she was hurt?  Cédric Rivrain is his name, combining beauty and anatomical studies is game.  The son of a doctor, this illustrator uses bandages as ornaments, jewelry or as a garments in his sketches.

sasha in jil sander Sasha in Lanvin

Most of his art feature models like Kate Moss, Sasha Pivovarova, Anabela Belikova, and Charlotte Chesnais in designer duds like Balenciaga, Prada and Alexander McQueen.

Balenciaga Prada

Rivrain has sketched for John Galliano, Martine Sitbon, work for magazines like DazedTokion, and Numéo. Even though his first solo exhibit in Paris has just finished, I’m quite sure this will not be the last one.  Maybe he’ll use gauze next time.

Kate Moss in Louis Vuitton


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The Pieces Get Better.

milan accessories 3The further East I go, the more shoes I love.  London’s Fall’09 collections failed to please me, but Milan’s accessories, made up for that. Extremely high heels and platforms ruled the catwalks in Milan.  

marni accessoriesAdd outrageous amounts of bangles, oversize sunglasses and statement handbags to hold all of the above, you get a woman who is not to be reckoned with.

milan accessories1

 [slideshow id=2882303761542527673&w=426&h=320]

milan accessories 2

[slideshow id=2882303761542528089&w=426&h=320]


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Look Down More Often.


It seems as though each designer wanted to make more of a statement using the shoes in their collection than the clothes this coming spring.  

Giambattista Valli gave us a new form of platform and sexy pumps rolled up into one, that had to be over 5 inches high.  ”Pile it on,” was what the heels for Louis Vuitton would say, if they can speak.  Dolce & Gabbana created training heels for us this Spring and Prada and Marni wanted us to wear socks or tights with their creations.  With the economy being the way it is right now, designers couldn’t hold back, they had to give us more than the clothes to chose from.  

spring-shoes-2We get more wear out of our shoes, than clothes anyway, so when you buy one of the unique pair of shoes from your favorite designer this spring, know this, you’ll be walking in a pair of art pieces.


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My Milan!

Too many beautiful pieces to choose from and sort out. I want them ALL. I need to win the lottery NOW.

No words needed to describe these collections. I’ll let you do your own ohhhs and ahhhhs.

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