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No See Hear or Speak: Reach The High Notes!

Lauren Musacchio

Singer – Check.

Songwriter – Check.

Working on taking over the music world – Double Check.

Staying fashionable is on Lauren Musacchio’s To Do List along with learning how to run a music empire at Baruch College.

I meet Lauren while she searched for a cool outfit on her birthday, and as you can see she did good.  Once Lauren makes it big  she wouldn’t have to pay big bucks for a stylist, you got this!

Lauren no see hear or speak
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No See, Hear Or Speak: Only Trouble She Likes Is Good Trouble!

k bonsuWith her inviting smile, positive personality and entertaining stories about life, how can you not want more from Kristina Bonsu.  For the lucky few people that sees her every week, Kristina gives us a fashion show with her dresses that can be sexy or flirty, and an obsession with heels that completes her Va Va Voom look.   Working for a corporation like WebMd hasn’t prevented Kristina from showing off her fashionable side, which has me looking at office attire with a new set of eyes!

kristina bonsu

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No See, Hear Or Speak: Smile and Open Your Doors.

nikki cohn

Getting the chance to meet new and exciting people in New York City is one of the reasons I love living here!  Being introduce to Nikki Cohn by a mutual friend a couple of weeks ago was a treat, making me love this Social Gem of a city even more!  Nikki an interior designer, who once lived in NYC now lives in Denver, CO showing them that having a chic homes goes with being fashionable!

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No See, Hear Or Speak: Making Me A Jewel Thief.

maryMary Malabanan does the West Village chic look very well!. Being a buyer for Coach, she knows it’s all about working the accessories in a  tasteful manner.

marys no see hear or speak

Every time I’ve seen Mary she is wearing a piece of  jewelry, that’s one of kind, and snatch worthy!. Can’t wait to see what I’ll be drooling over when we meet again!

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No See, Hear Or Speak: The Fashionable Journalist.

shen libermanMiss Sheh Liberman, is one to look up to when it comes to her gym attire.  This photo is of Sheh on her way from the gym.  If we all can look this good in green shiny leggings after working out we’ll rock the look also!  Gotta be the Kanye West Workout Plan she’s following.

no see hear speak shen liberman

Ms. Liberman is a broadcasting and journalist student that thinks outside the TV box!    Remember this face and and name because she is the future of what we’ll be viewing!

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