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Fashion Week Statement Makers.

New York Fashion Week will be over soon, and we survived this first lap of the Fall 2010 collections even with all the snow and freezing tempertures.  From what I’ve seen, we’ve layer it up  pretty well and in our own unique way.  This is something that we do well with the right coat and boots, but what about accessories?  In this case ,bigger is better because you should have to stand out with what you wear around your necks along with the overcoats and hats.

runway 1

runway 2

runway 3

All of the pieces featured on this page plus many more “statement makers” are available  on CoutureCandy.com

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Creative Minds: Thinking Outside The Box.

The Outsiders are in. A magazine photo shoot that shows us how nonsense can make you do a double take.  A jewelry design duo makes you wear lips on you shirt and Michael Jackson around your neck plus a sculptor who will never let a book go to waste.  Click on each link to get more info from these artists.Sisters Yaz & Emel joined forces to launch Yazbukey, an accessory line focusing on beaded leather pieces but it has since grown into a clothing line, shoes and dog clothing.


Born and raised in different countries, the two sisters, Descendants of Mehment Ali Pasha King of Egypt, Emel and Yaz decided to settle down in Paris to create a very playful universe inspired by, Gershwin’s music, tales of La Fontaine & Grimm , movies from Hitchock to Tim Burton.

Nicholas Jones

One person’s trash is another’s canvas to create beautiful art. Nicholas Jones been described as a a book artist who collects books that have been discarded, he then folds, tears, cuts also sews the pages creating beautiful installations.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, this sculptor who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1997) and a Master of Art (2001) had several solo exhibitions in Australia, it’s just a matter of time before he is state side creating exquisite art installations from our books.

Magazine: Avenue Illustrated, Photographer- Paco Peregrín, Stylist- Kattaca and Make up artist and Hairdresser- Genoveva Gamez


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Diamonds and Girls: Friends for Life

Click Here to Purchase.


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Ice Never Taste So Good.

I love it when Jewelry and Fashion Designers collborate to create unique, beautiful pieces that are only a few of us can get our hands on.  So when Baccarat,  Jean Paul Gaultier, and Evian decided to give us something new, of course who is going to refuse.  

Evian Baccarat Jean Paul Gautier

With only five made worldwide, The New York Bottle has crystal bubbles gathering at the top and base.  If you didn’t get a glimpse of at Bergdorf Goodman’s Fifth Avenue windows last week, the glass water bottle is now at  Soho Grand then off to the Buddha Bar, before heading back home to Paris.

bubblesized1Hopefully this turns into a tradition. Last year Evian worked with Christian Lacroix to create a haute couture bottle.  Click here to view.


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More On More.

Personally, I’ve always been a lover of the bangles.  I’ll pile as much as I can and wear them as often as possible.  This Spring, my favorite accessory will be the attention grabber.   Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Louis Vuitton and Emilio Pucci, are just some of the collections that made the bangles stand out on the runways.    We no longer just have the  traditional circle bracelets, there are  triangles, octagons, a circle in a square like Burberry Prorsum.banglesMaterials like wood, plastic, ivory and metal gives us more choices.  Forget the earrings this season, it’s all about the wrists this time around.  Depending on how many bangles are worn at once , your wrists can turn into weapons.   Watch out now!


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Pages: Done.

“Until you’re done it yourself you have no idea.” People have said this before, but whao, I didn’t realize how much time it would take. I’m referring to creating the pages for my own website, from scratch.

The Opening Page, The Items Page, The Checkout Page and The Thank You Page are among the 15 pages I created for the site. Every page has to be aligned correctly, colors on all pages have to match, blah, blah, blah. The computer genius working on my website has all the pages and I should have something to look at before the end of the week.


I’m so excited. Now I have to get my vendor’s profiles. One phrase of the journey is almost over. Let’s play a happy song.

Michael Jackson: Wanna Be Starting Something.

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Adding to the wishlist.

Tuleste Market is from the duo Satu and Celeste Greenberg, who have given us a jewelry line with a vintage look that works for the modern day woman. Using old fashion pieces they’ve been accumulating for years, as inspiration, the Greenbergs incorporated elements from every era—so there’s something for everyone.   The 60-piece collection which debuted in the spring has been receiving great reviews ever since. With such beautiful jewelry and most of the items being under $200, they should be around for a quite some time.

Gotta Have It.



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