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The Romeo Report: Issue 72

theromeoreport issue 72


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The Romeo Report: Issue 71

the romeo report issue 71


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The Romeo Report: Issue 70

theromeoreport issue 70


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An Amose Punch I Will Not Forget


The French have given me another reason to get excited.  French artist Amose,  shows us his unique use of shapes and colors in his illustrations.  The tiny heads and unusual human forms is what Amose’s signature work looks like on canvases, walls and also his digital work.


On most of his art the subjects have robotic shaped bodies that are big, strong and not to be messed with.  Neck up is a different story.  Make them look human is what he did, giving his subjects regular size heads with very expressive faces that have than human feel to them, making you appreciate what you’re looking at.  Let’s see if Amose will be kind enough to create an animation bringing his characters to live!



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The Romeo Report: Issue 69

theromeoreport issue 69www.theromeoreport.com

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Fashionable Art.

Click on each image above to purchase from Amazon.com Enjoy!

Fashionable Art can mean different things to several people. It can be the clothes one wears, the shoes we walk in or the accessories used to complete an outfit. What about taking fashion and making it something we can put onto our walls. If some of us could, we would take fashion magazine pages and frame them. That may lack some class though. Alternatives you ask for, Illustrations and graphic design are some. Illustrators like Andy Warhol, Julie Verhoeven, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Renaldo Barnette and Michael Roberts have used fashion to showcase their visions and talents with colors and shapes. They are just a few of the many artists that allows us to put Fashionable Art on our walls.


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James Jean:New Jeans to Look At.

For the lucky people who will be gracing California with their presence in the near future ,  James Jean, one of my favorite illustrators, has new paintings on view at JANM (Japanese American National Museum) until Jan 24th 2010.

Those who know his body of work, this is not to be missed!  For others who are not familiar… click the link below and enjoy!

“Show Them What You Got Mr. Jean

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The Romeo Report: Issue 51

theromeoreport issue 51 The Devil In Blue

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Show Them What You Got Mr. Jean

Talk about putting us to shame. In less than 10 years this talent has managed to win several awards, published 4 books, worked for DC ComicsThe New York TimesSpinTarget, Prada just had his first solo exhibit in Jonathan LeVine Gallery and is just thirty years old.  I feel weird to be inspired by someone so young, but if you’ve seen the body of work James Jean has accumulated, you would become an instant fan also.

James Jean 1James Jean 2
This may also depend on the type of art you love. Mr. Jean draws you in with colors and animation, if you take a longer look, the dark story behind some of his piece starts to show. With the colors and his use of children or animated characters, most likely kids will be attracted to James creations, but  his pieces are definitely not G rated.

James Jean crayoneaterprada-james-jean-buildingJames Jean horseJames Jean hive

If you visit the bio page on his website, there is nothing except for the year he was born (1979-).  It is obvious that he is not one for many words, but his art says everything.  We should look forward to seeing you pretty often in the future Mr.J.

James Jean prada wallpaper


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The Romeo Report: Issue 45

theromeoreport issue 45


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