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The Romeo Report: Issue 68

theromeoreport issue 68


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The Romeo Report: Issue 67

the romeo report issue 67


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Happy New Year. Year Two Here We Come!

TheRomeoReport.com is ready for 2010 . To start things off right, I needed something that would pop for my first art project in this new year. I found an image that I was able to sketch from and create at least 12 different versions. The same thing was done for my first art project of 2009, TheRomeoReport: Issue 19, this could become a tradition, let’s see what I can come up with for the next 12 months. Enjoy!

The Romeo Report Continuing in 2010 from Kalyca Romeo on Vimeo.


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The Romeo Report: Issue 66

the romeo report issue 66

Continuing the tradition from 2009


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Tim Burton at Moma

tim burton

Tim Burton has given us Batman, Sweeney Todd, Mars Attackes, Bettlejuice, Edward Scissorhands plus many more films that always peeks your interests.  This creative mind has a distinctive style and approach to movie making.  Not only has he reinvented Hollywood film making using his personal vision,  Tim Burton has also influenced a generation of young artists.  Most of his films are dark and humorous, the signature settings for his films ohh and stars Johnny Depp!

Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland, a Tim Burton Film

It’s obvious these two friends and artists in their own rights, work very well together.  Since their first collaboration with Edward Scissorhands, they have worked together on 7 films to date and I’m quite sure several more films and projects will have this duo pleasing us for years to come!


Tim Burton’s field of work has earned him a place not only in the movie hall of fame, but the art world has been following his…. creations.  It’s only fit that an exhibition should be given this special, gifted artist.


The MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art) exhibition gives us a complete retrospective of Burton’s theatrical full length features and shorts. We can also see a full range of his creative work, from  his early childhood drawings through his mature work in film and his current visual imagination.  This being the largest monographic undertaking in the history of the MOMA museum, the Time Burton exhibit  has 700 pieces of Burton’s sketches, drawings, paintings, photographs as well as a selection of his amateur films.


Against the grain is how I would describe Tim Burton approach to life and his passion.  Sometimes it pays to let your imagination come to life and run wild.  Luckily for Burton, we like it when he opens up his mind and invites us in!

tim burton open skull

The exhibit ends April 26, 2010



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