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Stop Torturing Me.

louis vuitton chainlinkEvery fashion magazine, my favorite fashion websites, all have this Louis Vuitton necklace.  I’ve been trying to avoid this chain-link masterpiece for months, but now that I’m having dreams about it, time to embrace my obsession.  I can’t afford it right now, but it doesn’t hurt to look and stare…and stare…..

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It's So Hard To Say Goodbye.

Fall is creeping behind summer, and pretty soon we’ll have to start wearing more clothes besides the summer dresses and strappy sandals we  love so much.

spring to fall 1

For Fall, some designers are making the transition process a bit easier ,by keeping the details used for the spring/summer pieces and incorporating them into the must-haves for next season.

Studs, Fringe, Braided Leather and Suede, are some of the details that will be here for the cold months ahead.  See what some designers came up with to make us happy ladies for Fall/Winter!

spring to fall 2spring to fall 3

spring to fall 4


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