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Fall ’10 Shoes Preview: What Were They Thinking?

Balenciaga--Let's Play Tetris.

Balenciaga–Let’s Play Tetris.

“What was your inspiration for this collection?” A required question that the designers are asked each season.  After the Fall’10 Fashion Week, I think they should be asked the same question about the footwear they put onto the models.  The shoes, have been getting just as much attention as the clothes being showed on the runways. For some of the designers, the reaction from viewers would be the tilting of the head and a raised eyebrow.

This past week the Parisian designers outdid themselves.  I had to wonder what they were thinking and mumbled that notorious question under my breathe. Unfortunately each of the following designers were not available to answer me and my imagination started to run wild!


Chanel–Big Foot.                                          Givenchy–Little Red Riding Hood.


Marni– The Woman that Lived In Her Shoe                 John Galliano–Ax Men


Jean Paul Gaultier–Arabian Nights.         Yves Saint Laurent–Last Of The Mohicans.

Photos Via Style.com

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Taking Chanel To School.

Hair brushed, teeth cleaned,  pressed neat clothes are on, all that’s left is to pack your bag.  Don’t worry, Chanel did that for you.  There was no way I would not profile this bag.

Chanel     Chanel 2 

At the Fall 2009 Chanel show, Karl Lagerfeld, sent tightly sealed plastic cases down the runway filled with an assortment of goodies.   Lipstick, wallet, sunglasses, perfume, LagerPod,compact, and the famed quilted purse.  


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Look Down More Often.


It seems as though each designer wanted to make more of a statement using the shoes in their collection than the clothes this coming spring.  

Giambattista Valli gave us a new form of platform and sexy pumps rolled up into one, that had to be over 5 inches high.  ”Pile it on,” was what the heels for Louis Vuitton would say, if they can speak.  Dolce & Gabbana created training heels for us this Spring and Prada and Marni wanted us to wear socks or tights with their creations.  With the economy being the way it is right now, designers couldn’t hold back, they had to give us more than the clothes to chose from.  

spring-shoes-2We get more wear out of our shoes, than clothes anyway, so when you buy one of the unique pair of shoes from your favorite designer this spring, know this, you’ll be walking in a pair of art pieces.


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Chanel Wants You To Come Closer.


From a distance, the collection looked as though they were made of  simple  silhouettes.  Taking a closer look,  you see the beauty, exquisite details and hard work that went into each garment.


Embroidered flowers  made from organza and cellophane appeared 3-D. The paillettes were microdots of matte plastic, and the lace shivered with tiny crystalline beads. With paper roses, camellias,  and feathers that adorned each girl, gave the clothes they were wearing some competition.


Karl Lagerfeld manages to make you forget about the dark times we are in right now with an all-white couture collection, that’s innovative, modern and romantic.



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