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Bambi What Would Your Mummy Say?


A child born to a father who worked with lines(an architect) and a mother who used colors (an artist), Jasper Goodall an Illustrator, has combined silhouettes, sex and style into his work and in the last decade has given us a new way to look at art.


“In February 2009 Goodall’s first London based solo Gallery show titled ‘Poster Girls’ marked a new direction in his work, mixing photography with illustration in a stunning concoction of shiny latex, dripping pink goo and acrylic cut out body masking that comments on fetishism, dressing up and the fine line between fantasy and reality.”


Since Jasper has made Bambi R-Rated, I’ll like to see if he’s up to the challenge with do the same thing for Olive Oyl!

VIA (JasperGoodall)

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Artist: Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford

All the objects that our dogs love chewing on, have come back to haunt them.  Buttons, broken toys, clothes pegs, plus other recycled plastic items – on wood.  All of these materials are used by UK-based artist Robert Bradford to create  these colorful puppy sculptures.

Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford


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Everything Will Fit, Everything!


Sarah Williams, a graduate student from London College of Fashion, decided that her MA project will be somewhat of a space saver for all corners and every angle.  The project untitled “Crafted Fashion” is a beautifully, innovatively designed luggage collection that goes against the grain.




Let’s see you try to fit one of these pieces in the overhead compartment.  To purchase one of Williams’ bespoke pieces or to just browse visit  www.williams-hamdmade.com

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The Romeo Report: Issue 72

theromeoreport issue 72


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Is She Or Is She Not A Fashion Illustrator?

adriana-munoz 3adriana-munoz 1Adriana Munoz an illustrator who was born and raised in Barcelona is now based in London and is giving us a new form of fashion illustration that is soft and sexual.
Combination of beautiful drawings, with fabrics and 3D fashion illustration helped Adriana earn a place among the Best of British Contemporary Illustration for 2009.

adriana-munoz 4adriana-munoz 2

Expect to see more from this artist who has and will continue to give us a new outlook on Fashion Illustration.


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The Romeo Report: Issue 71

the romeo report issue 71


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The Romeo Report: Issue 70

theromeoreport issue 70


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An Amose Punch I Will Not Forget


The French have given me another reason to get excited.  French artist Amose,  shows us his unique use of shapes and colors in his illustrations.  The tiny heads and unusual human forms is what Amose’s signature work looks like on canvases, walls and also his digital work.


On most of his art the subjects have robotic shaped bodies that are big, strong and not to be messed with.  Neck up is a different story.  Make them look human is what he did, giving his subjects regular size heads with very expressive faces that have than human feel to them, making you appreciate what you’re looking at.  Let’s see if Amose will be kind enough to create an animation bringing his characters to live!



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Take A Little Off The Top.

Viktor and Rolf took this recession cutting back thing literally.

Only the brave and fashion forward can pull off any of the looks from Viktor & Rolf  Spring’10 collection.  Doing “The Simple Thing” is not what Viktor & Rolf are known for, season after season they give us something besides safe.



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The Romeo Report: Issue 69

theromeoreport issue 69www.theromeoreport.com

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