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I Don't Think So: Antonio Berardi Heels

Antonio Berardi

Let’s see how often these come out of the closet.  The 5 1/2in creations by Antonio Berardi are missing the most important part of the high heel, I’ll let you guess which part.  

Berardi said he was inspired by Latin American music and 1980s post-modernism, adding: “When you walk, it is almost on tiptoe. You look really dainty.”  I don’t know how dainty some women will look trying to balance in these.

The shoe has a bigger platform sole which stretches back further than normal high heels and gives support under the arch of the foot. When walking though, you have to put your toe rather than your heel down first and you cannot wear them for very long.  No surprise there.

Wear body gear first time trying these babies out, better to be safe than sorry.


Victoria Beckham wearing Antonio Berardi
Victoria Beckham wearing Antonio Berardi






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