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Everything Will Fit, Everything!


Sarah Williams, a graduate student from London College of Fashion, decided that her MA project will be somewhat of a space saver for all corners and every angle.  The project untitled “Crafted Fashion” is a beautifully, innovatively designed luggage collection that goes against the grain.




Let’s see you try to fit one of these pieces in the overhead compartment.  To purchase one of Williams’ bespoke pieces or to just browse visit  www.williams-hamdmade.com

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The Mad Hatters.

Nasir Mazhar-FALL 2010 lady gaga wearing nasir mazhar

Nasir Mazhar

Besides the clothes and jewelry that help define your style, what about some of us that want to add a little more with an accessory on our heads.

justin smithjustin smith 2

justin smith 3

Justin Smith

Not just something with a brim, but a piece that is custom made for your head, or a style of hat that needs it’s own seat!  A hat can make more of a statement than everything else you’re wearing and thanks to milliners like  Nasir Mazhar, Philip Treacy and Justin Smith they keeps your eyes up, way up.

philip-treacyPicture 3

Philip Treacy

philip treacy for Alexander Mcqueentreacy

Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen

They are competing with fashion designers for the attention and with their creations, they’re on their way to winning.


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A YSL For You And You.

Here is the first look at a Stefano Pilati’s tote for the sixth YSL Manifesto.


Two thousand of these totes will be handed out—free of charge—in New York next Tuesday, February 16th.  Similar drops will follow in Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Berlin. Photos of Natalia Vodianova in the Spring 2010 collection by the photography duo, Inez and Vinoodh are in the Manifesto, giving you a little something extra with the totes.  Look out for these must-haves on the fashionable corners.

Good Luck!.


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Grammy Jewelry

The Grammy Awards gives us our best musical artists that outshine the others.  With such creative and talented minds ruling the hottest musical night of the year, there is no way that they plan on not making a statement with their clothes, accessories and jewelry.

Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce they all get to wear some of the best and unique pieces of jewels from around the world for the Grammy’s and most times they’re borrowed.  I’ve found some great pieces from Raffaelloties.com /Raffaello Network that will live up to the jewelry we always love to see on the Grammy Awards, but with price tags that would not have you singing “No, No, No.”

Pianegonda Jewelry - GOLD CHARM - Sterling Silver Ring with 18 Ct Yellow Gold Circles Pianegonda Jewelry - ATMOSPHERE - 18 Ct Yellow Gold Rings - Quartz and Diamonds
Pianegonda Jewelry - COSMIC DROPS - Sterling Silver Earrings with Quartzes Italian Finest Necklaces GABRIELLA RIVALTA Hand Painted Necklace with Glaze Fire


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Leather It Up Baby.

The leather-covered faux watch bracelet is one of Natalia Brilli’s signature pieces.

This accessory designer specializing in making leather-covered jewelry and accessories for women and men. Loving the softness, matte look and feel that leather gives to jewelry, Natalia favors using treated lambskin for each of her creations which also gives them that Brilli signature  look.

Since launching in 2004, Brilli not only creates jewelry and handbags but now produces other objects like skateboards, helmets, and even domino sets, which are all covered in high quality black leather from France and Italy.

This is taking the love of leather to a whole new level that I like!  Maybe we can put the leather pants away for now and give Brilli some touch and feel time!


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Wizard of Oz…

With all the designer shoes for Fall being so unique and interesting, they’re more than just heels to walk in, lead roles are what they are, taking the attention away from the clothes.  So it was only right to cast them in of my favorite films.

Move over Fame,  The Wizard of Oz is back with the four  characters we love, and they each have their own signature looks. There is a little twist this time around though,  after seeking help from the wizard, each cast member gets a little more daring, a wilder side and new looks will be needed.

wizard of ozwww.theromeoreport.com

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Gotta Have It: Nooka Watches


The way kids are with toys, I’m like that with accessories, always looking for something different every couple of months to wear with my favorite pieces of attire. I love my Citizen watches, but I’ve been getting a bit bored with classic timepieces. I need something new and unique that will keep me on time all day long.  Thank goodness for Nooka.

nooka watches

Thinking outside of the box is what Matthew Waldman did.  This artist/designer  wanted more options for time display, so he took pen to napkin and sketched ideas for watch designs that were so original, that they are now patented.

Nooka, timepieces presents a more intuitive way to view time. The visual mass on the face of each watch, increases as time passes, giving weight to an ephemeral and abstract concept.

I think the Zoo V in blue in will work for me until I need another wrist fix.  Check out the Nooka website and pick one for yourself.


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The Romeo Report:Issue 44

theromeoreport issue44


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The Sexiest Spring Collection from Spring '09

[brightcove vid=1896808415&exp3=8558003001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=1568114478&w=404&h=436]

I had to post the video this weekend. Versace is know for the sexy silhouettes given to use each season. For Spring ’09 their cherry on the cake , were hearts throughout the collection.

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Ice Never Taste So Good.

I love it when Jewelry and Fashion Designers collborate to create unique, beautiful pieces that are only a few of us can get our hands on.  So when Baccarat,  Jean Paul Gaultier, and Evian decided to give us something new, of course who is going to refuse.  

Evian Baccarat Jean Paul Gautier

With only five made worldwide, The New York Bottle has crystal bubbles gathering at the top and base.  If you didn’t get a glimpse of at Bergdorf Goodman’s Fifth Avenue windows last week, the glass water bottle is now at  Soho Grand then off to the Buddha Bar, before heading back home to Paris.

bubblesized1Hopefully this turns into a tradition. Last year Evian worked with Christian Lacroix to create a haute couture bottle.  Click here to view.


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