Smell My Feet Baby!

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French photographer Michel Tcherevkoff believes that putting flowers in a vase is not the only reason we should pick them. “Shoe Fleur debuts photographer Michel Tcherevkoff’s virtual collection of fantasy shoes made from fresh plants.”

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See another reason has been given to us so we can stop and smell the roses!

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51SI+DE0M6L._SS500_Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy

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No See Hear or Speak: Reach The High Notes!

Lauren Musacchio

Singer – Check.

Songwriter – Check.

Working on taking over the music world – Double Check.

Staying fashionable is on Lauren Musacchio’s To Do List along with learning how to run a music empire at Baruch College.

I meet Lauren while she searched for a cool outfit on her birthday, and as you can see she did good.  Once Lauren makes it big  she wouldn’t have to pay big bucks for a stylist, you got this!

Lauren no see hear or speak
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Hey That’s Cheating Rubiks Cube.

cube fontaine

At first glance this imitation of the famous Rubiks Cube looks easy enough,  The Cube Fontaine by artist Claire Fontaine is all blue no mater how you turn it.  The beauty of art, keep looking and there is more to see.  ” The 6 sides of the cube shows views of the surface of the sea. Manipulating it gives unique and contradictory images. This poetic object mixes the solid of the cube and the liquid of water while discreetly evoking ecological disasters that surround us.”

Purchase at Colette

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Who’s Your Daddy Luke Skywalker?

The Vader Project 01The Vader Project 05

“From a simple idea in 2005 to a record-setting exhibition in 2009,   The Vader Project features 100 of the best underground artists and designers working today.”  A dream project for many artists, only the chosen 100 of best underground artists and designers like Tim Biskup, Marc Ecko, Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell each “customized a 1:1 scale authentic prop replica of the Darth Vader helmet featured in the STAR WARS™After touring the world, The Vader Project will be auctioned off at Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia on July 10th.

The Vader Project 09

The Vader Project 02

The last time you can see the entire collection in person would be from July 5-9.  Can’t make it to Philly, buy the Vader Project Catalog.


I figure the helmet that gets sold for the most amount should be the daddy, having a legend like Luke Skywalker to support is not getting cheaper, doesn’t matter how old he gets.


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Picture 25

Ten years ago, who would of thought that the World Cup would of been hosted in South Africa?  With the changes we’ve all experienced throughout the world, it only seemed right that Africa be the host country of a sport that all of us know and love. It would of been a dream come true for me to be there and see the opening ceremony of the 2010 FiFA World Cup South Africa in person.

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For video coverage of the Opening Ceremony visit VEVO

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Walking A Thin Line In NYC.

Trying to survive in this great city of New York, sometimes feel line your walking on a thin line that can take you in different directions. Which one would you choose?

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No See, Hear Or Speak: Only Trouble She Likes Is Good Trouble!

k bonsuWith her inviting smile, positive personality and entertaining stories about life, how can you not want more from Kristina Bonsu.  For the lucky few people that sees her every week, Kristina gives us a fashion show with her dresses that can be sexy or flirty, and an obsession with heels that completes her Va Va Voom look.   Working for a corporation like WebMd hasn’t prevented Kristina from showing off her fashionable side, which has me looking at office attire with a new set of eyes!

kristina bonsu

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No See, Hear Or Speak: Alexander McQueen Spring Shoes Speak

no see hear speak mcqueen

Still My Favorite Designer!

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Her pieces show the hard work and time that went into making each one of them. Once upon a time you would had to order Sandra Backlund’s custom made designs to fit your body, now with Maglificio Miles, an Italian knitwear company who Ms. Backlund has collaborated with, Sandra Backlund garments can be worn by some of the fashionable ones who cannot or just doesn’t want to spend a lot.

I dare say that Backlund creations will keep us interested for years to come, because of  her innovative three-dimensional garments that shows us her own signature signature silhouettes that you either love or hate, nothing in between.


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Bambi What Would Your Mummy Say?


A child born to a father who worked with lines(an architect) and a mother who used colors (an artist), Jasper Goodall an Illustrator, has combined silhouettes, sex and style into his work and in the last decade has given us a new way to look at art.


“In February 2009 Goodall’s first London based solo Gallery show titled ‘Poster Girls’ marked a new direction in his work, mixing photography with illustration in a stunning concoction of shiny latex, dripping pink goo and acrylic cut out body masking that comments on fetishism, dressing up and the fine line between fantasy and reality.”


Since Jasper has made Bambi R-Rated, I’ll like to see if he’s up to the challenge with do the same thing for Olive Oyl!

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