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I Don’t Think So: Taking New Year’s To A New Level

Valentino has dresses fashion royalty for decades.  I’ve never taught the brand would create something that would have me raising an eyebrow until I saw this…

Valentino-Shining-Flower-Tux Tote
Valentino-Shining-Flower-Tux Tote Purchase Here

The bag got noticed on this season of the Gossip Girl for all the wrong reasons. It looks as though it was a accessory class project that went wrong.  Ohh and the price $4,495, adding insult to injury. Sometimes, too much of a good thing, is just too much. On the flip side, if you’re indecisive about what to wear for New Year’s, this bag is four outfits in one. Sequins, studs, ruffles and a bow. Just show up in your underwear and the bag.

I Don’t Think So: I’ll Pass on The Hip Action

I Don’t Think So…..Well Maybe for the Environment.

I Don’t Think So: Antonio Berardi Heels

Here are some better looking options that wouldn’t break the bank and still keep you looking chic.

Diamonds and Girls: Friends for Life

Click Here to Purchase.

Gift Ideas: Golden Days Ahead

This Christmas season we’re giving you some gift ideas that should make it easier to shop for your love ones. The first video for this season, helps us keep the gold jewelry in our lives a bit longer. Let this be you golden brick road and see where it takes you.

5, 4, 3, 2 Happy New Year 2009!!!!

Deciding to start TheRomeoReport was the most important decision I made in 2008.  It involved, working on my insecurities, my fear of thinking that starting my own business will be too overwhelming to handle. I went back and forth with my ideas for months.

This is where friends and family can help you realize your strengths, give much needed encouragement and push you in the right direction.  It  came down to me not hoping that I can do it, but knowing it will happen once I take care of my business plan, do my research and put in the hard work. I can see evolving into something greater than just a website.

I know where l would like my business to be in a year, even five years from now, but no one knows what the future holds.  With the countless creative minds out there, including my own, I have to be able to evolve with my comrades and with the months/years ahead of us. 

With less than 72 hours before January  1st 2009 is here, I’m excited to see what the New Year has in store for me, and the people that are supporting along my Yellow Brick Road.  

Keep clicking those heels…

I Know What Boys Like!


Forget wrapping yourself in a bow or wearing lingerie for him, save that for another occasion.  The boys like toys, and it’s only fair that they get something special for the holidays too.  Maybe my picks will fit the guys in your life.  



Getting the vendors.

This part of starting the business can be fun and difficult at the same time. 

Yes, I get to do the shopping for the goods, but for whom am I shopping? Since I’m selling on the World Wide Web it may take me a bit longer to figure this out, unlike having a store with a street address where I can see, communicate and get faster feedback from the customers.

With starting an e-commerce site all I have to go off of are the target customers created by the merchandise listed on my site.

This takes me to buying. I will like to have vendors with unique creations that aren’t available to the masses through retail stores or many boutiques. Many vendors require a minimum when purchasing their goods instead of consignment terms, which I would prefer. Also, the designers only accept payments for their merchandise before shipping.

Once I know my best selling items, I’ll have a better idea who is visiting my site, my target audience and what to buy and sell for future seasons.  

Let my vendor wish list begin.