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No See, Hear Or Speak: Only Trouble She Likes Is Good Trouble!

k bonsuWith her inviting smile, positive personality and entertaining stories about life, how can you not want more from Kristina Bonsu.  For the lucky few people that sees her every week, Kristina gives us a fashion show with her dresses that can be sexy or flirty, and an obsession with heels that completes her Va Va Voom look.   Working for a corporation like WebMd hasn’t prevented Kristina from showing off her fashionable side, which has me looking at office attire with a new set of eyes!

kristina bonsu



Her pieces show the hard work and time that went into making each one of them. Once upon a time you would had to order Sandra Backlund’s custom made designs to fit your body, now with Maglificio Miles, an Italian knitwear company who Ms. Backlund has collaborated with, Sandra Backlund garments can be worn by some of the fashionable ones who cannot or just doesn’t want to spend a lot.

I dare say that Backlund creations will keep us interested for years to come, because of  her innovative three-dimensional garments that shows us her own signature signature silhouettes that you either love or hate, nothing in between.


Bambi What Would Your Mummy Say?


A child born to a father who worked with lines(an architect) and a mother who used colors (an artist), Jasper Goodall an Illustrator, has combined silhouettes, sex and style into his work and in the last decade has given us a new way to look at art.


“In February 2009 Goodall’s first London based solo Gallery show titled ‘Poster Girls’ marked a new direction in his work, mixing photography with illustration in a stunning concoction of shiny latex, dripping pink goo and acrylic cut out body masking that comments on fetishism, dressing up and the fine line between fantasy and reality.”


Since Jasper has made Bambi R-Rated, I’ll like to see if he’s up to the challenge with do the same thing for Olive Oyl!

VIA (JasperGoodall)

No See, Hear Or Speak: Smile and Open Your Doors.

nikki cohn

Getting the chance to meet new and exciting people in New York City is one of the reasons I love living here!  Being introduce to Nikki Cohn by a mutual friend a couple of weeks ago was a treat, making me love this Social Gem of a city even more!  Nikki an interior designer, who once lived in NYC now lives in Denver, CO showing them that having a chic homes goes with being fashionable!

Beautiful Things: Listen Through Rainbow!

New love this summer are these chic headphones from URBANEARS.  Soft touch ear pads with a socket for sharing what you’re listening to with a headphone-wearing friend!  A collapsible construction for easy transport and  an in-line microphone with a button for answering calls and changing songs.  You will definitely want to put aside your Iphone headphones for awhile and rock these this summer.  The price ($59.00) makes it easy to buy more than one without dipping into your summer wardrobe budget!

Darcel Where You At?

Picture 1

Came across these series of images from artist Craig Redman. His cartoon character Darcel of Darcel Disappoints made an appearance at the newly opened Louis Vuitton London Maison, and gave us his personal commentary.  Actions speak louder than words with D.D.

See Darcel’s entire day at Louis Vuitton


The Greek Gods Are In The Clouds.


The Clash Of The Titans are being played out within these clouds.  The photographer behind the series of shots is George Benson.  With a degree in fine art film and 3D computer graphics, designing and art directing work for clients  Audi, The Streets, BBC, Gnarls Barkley and Renaissance recordings, it’s better to call Mr. Benson a Photographic Artist.


Cloud Study by George Benson

Check out the photography projects G.Benson has worked on.

Beautiful Things: Throwing Up Pucci Style!

Picture 1Picture 2
A great new book to have in your fashion library, Emilio Pucci by Vanessa Friedman and Armando Chitolina.  If not for inspiration, but just to look at the pretty colors over and over again!  Can’t wait to get mine next month.


Picture 3

Chain Me Up and Lead Me To Happy Times!

Lanvin Chain strap sandals


Something worth climbing into! Use the studs as anchors to get you to the top.

Brian Atwood Temptress Studded Open Toe Boots

L is for the way you look at me. O is for the only one I see...

L is for the way you look at me. O is for the only one I see…

Georgina Goodman Leon LOVE platform sandals.

The chic version of the clear high heels.

The chic version of the clear high heels.

Lanvin Two-tone leather sandals