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Who’s Your Daddy Luke Skywalker?

The Vader Project 01The Vader Project 05

“From a simple idea in 2005 to a record-setting exhibition in 2009,   The Vader Project features 100 of the best underground artists and designers working today.”  A dream project for many artists, only the chosen 100 of best underground artists and designers like Tim Biskup, Marc Ecko, Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell each “customized a 1:1 scale authentic prop replica of the Darth Vader helmet featured in the STAR WARS™After touring the world, The Vader Project will be auctioned off at Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia on July 10th.

The Vader Project 09

The Vader Project 02

The last time you can see the entire collection in person would be from July 5-9.  Can’t make it to Philly, buy the Vader Project Catalog.


I figure the helmet that gets sold for the most amount should be the daddy, having a legend like Luke Skywalker to support is not getting cheaper, doesn’t matter how old he gets.




Her pieces show the hard work and time that went into making each one of them. Once upon a time you would had to order Sandra Backlund’s custom made designs to fit your body, now with Maglificio Miles, an Italian knitwear company who Ms. Backlund has collaborated with, Sandra Backlund garments can be worn by some of the fashionable ones who cannot or just doesn’t want to spend a lot.

I dare say that Backlund creations will keep us interested for years to come, because of  her innovative three-dimensional garments that shows us her own signature signature silhouettes that you either love or hate, nothing in between.


No See, Hear Or Speak: Smile and Open Your Doors.

nikki cohn

Getting the chance to meet new and exciting people in New York City is one of the reasons I love living here!  Being introduce to Nikki Cohn by a mutual friend a couple of weeks ago was a treat, making me love this Social Gem of a city even more!  Nikki an interior designer, who once lived in NYC now lives in Denver, CO showing them that having a chic homes goes with being fashionable!

Darcel Where You At?

Picture 1

Came across these series of images from artist Craig Redman. His cartoon character Darcel of Darcel Disappoints made an appearance at the newly opened Louis Vuitton London Maison, and gave us his personal commentary.  Actions speak louder than words with D.D.

See Darcel’s entire day at Louis Vuitton


The Greek Gods Are In The Clouds.


The Clash Of The Titans are being played out within these clouds.  The photographer behind the series of shots is George Benson.  With a degree in fine art film and 3D computer graphics, designing and art directing work for clients  Audi, The Streets, BBC, Gnarls Barkley and Renaissance recordings, it’s better to call Mr. Benson a Photographic Artist.


Cloud Study by George Benson

Check out the photography projects G.Benson has worked on.

No See, Hear Or Speak: Making Me A Jewel Thief.

maryMary Malabanan does the West Village chic look very well!. Being a buyer for Coach, she knows it’s all about working the accessories in a  tasteful manner.

marys no see hear or speak

Every time I’ve seen Mary she is wearing a piece of  jewelry, that’s one of kind, and snatch worthy!. Can’t wait to see what I’ll be drooling over when we meet again!

No See, Hear Or Speak: The Fashionable Journalist.

shen libermanMiss Sheh Liberman, is one to look up to when it comes to her gym attire.  This photo is of Sheh on her way from the gym.  If we all can look this good in green shiny leggings after working out we’ll rock the look also!  Gotta be the Kanye West Workout Plan she’s following.

no see hear speak shen liberman

Ms. Liberman is a broadcasting and journalist student that thinks outside the TV box!    Remember this face and and name because she is the future of what we’ll be viewing!

Food & Accessories, Music to My Ears.

Picture 1

Someone has read my mind, after all these years of praying for it, and putting it out there, two of my favorite things have been put together, literally!  Now this is where things could get a bit tricky, especially for a combo request like food and accessories. You have to be specific or else you never know what you’ll get in return.


These bags are how I’ll keep the healthy stuff close by from day to night!  May also have a problem with people trying to steal my food.


I will happily but these boots into my mouth and keep it moving.  Much better than putting it where the sun doesn’t shine.


For my chic dare devil friends.  You can eat, and be safe at the same time.  Don’t have to do anything, just let the watermelon juice drip down.


OMG, a man after my own heart.  Are those jelly beans, oh and a caramel swirl!  You do love me!  I do I do I do.

These photos plus many more are from Fulvio Bonavia’s latest book  Fulvio Bonavia: “Matter of Taste” It’s full of creations made with natural and edible elements.