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Attending The Fashion Trade Show Coterie.

As a fashion buyer you want more than just watching the models walk up and down the runways. The buyers need to touch the clothes, they need prices, fabrics used, etc. The sooner that information is available to them the better they can tell their fashion stories to the customers.

This is where trade shows come in, Coterie to be specific. For the buyers, fashion editors, and students that couldn’t attend the fashion shows, the trade show gives them up close and personal access without the glitz and glamour.

After fashion week the serious work begins for the designers and buyers.

This video shows you what a visit to Coterie can be. My co-worker, Isidoro, and myself  spent last Monday morning getting a glimpse of what our favorite designers created, visited old friends and previewed what we’ll be wearing come next fall!

I would say it was a morning well spent!

Creative Minds: Thinking Outside The Box.

The Outsiders are in. A magazine photo shoot that shows us how nonsense can make you do a double take.  A jewelry design duo makes you wear lips on you shirt and Michael Jackson around your neck plus a sculptor who will never let a book go to waste.  Click on each link to get more info from these artists.Sisters Yaz & Emel joined forces to launch Yazbukey, an accessory line focusing on beaded leather pieces but it has since grown into a clothing line, shoes and dog clothing.


Born and raised in different countries, the two sisters, Descendants of Mehment Ali Pasha King of Egypt, Emel and Yaz decided to settle down in Paris to create a very playful universe inspired by, Gershwin’s music, tales of La Fontaine & Grimm , movies from Hitchock to Tim Burton.

Nicholas Jones

One person’s trash is another’s canvas to create beautiful art. Nicholas Jones been described as a a book artist who collects books that have been discarded, he then folds, tears, cuts also sews the pages creating beautiful installations.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, this sculptor who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1997) and a Master of Art (2001) had several solo exhibitions in Australia, it’s just a matter of time before he is state side creating exquisite art installations from our books.

Magazine: Avenue Illustrated, Photographer- Paco Peregrín, Stylist- Kattaca and Make up artist and Hairdresser- Genoveva Gamez

I Actually Want Her to Win, Beyonce That Is!

Beyonce, should have it.  Miss Knowles hit us strong in the beginning of 2009 with her latest album “I Am Sasha Fierce,” that dominated the charts the entire year.  Now that the Grammy nominees have been announced, this should be another year for Beyonce to shine.  It’s not the first Grammy Awards show that Beyonce has showed us her bootylicious skills, but this will be the first time I’ll be rooting for her.  I have to admit this is the first solo album from Beyonce , that I love, so the Diva will be in the house January 2010.

Miss Beyonce will have some stiff competition from forces like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, but wins or no wins under her belt Grammy Night next year, I’m quite sure Miss B.K will give us a performance that will have you hitting the rewind button on your DVR.  Maybe Tina Turner, (Beyonce’s best performing partner) will join her on the stage again this year.  Ok that’s me wishfully thinking.