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Her pieces show the hard work and time that went into making each one of them. Once upon a time you would had to order Sandra Backlund’s custom made designs to fit your body, now with Maglificio Miles, an Italian knitwear company who Ms. Backlund has collaborated with, Sandra Backlund garments can be worn by some of the fashionable ones who cannot or just doesn’t want to spend a lot.

I dare say that Backlund creations will keep us interested for years to come, because of  her innovative three-dimensional garments that shows us her own signature signature silhouettes that you either love or hate, nothing in between.


Darcel Where You At?

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Came across these series of images from artist Craig Redman. His cartoon character Darcel of Darcel Disappoints made an appearance at the newly opened Louis Vuitton London Maison, and gave us his personal commentary.  Actions speak louder than words with D.D.

See Darcel’s entire day at Louis Vuitton


Beautiful Things: Throwing Up Pucci Style!

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A great new book to have in your fashion library, Emilio Pucci by Vanessa Friedman and Armando Chitolina.  If not for inspiration, but just to look at the pretty colors over and over again!  Can’t wait to get mine next month.


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Chain Me Up and Lead Me To Happy Times!

Lanvin Chain strap sandals


Something worth climbing into! Use the studs as anchors to get you to the top.

Brian Atwood Temptress Studded Open Toe Boots

L is for the way you look at me. O is for the only one I see...

L is for the way you look at me. O is for the only one I see…

Georgina Goodman Leon LOVE platform sandals.

The chic version of the clear high heels.

The chic version of the clear high heels.

Lanvin Two-tone leather sandals

I Don’t Think So: Hermes Wants You To Ride With Your Jewels.


Luxury brand Hermès, is going full force with their brand.  Forget their $6,000 birkin bags.  Last month they unveiled a high-tech modular saddle featuring a tree made of carbon and injected thermoplastic, blah blah blah, the saddle cost $9,100.   They didn’t stop there, keep the wallets open ladies.

hermes jewelry

For the price of about two and a half of the Hermès saddle, you can buy a pair of clip-on rose gold and black jade earrings, which cost $23,675.  Why get a pair of earrings when you can get a  diamond necklace for $880,000.  What do you get for spending so much on a piece of jewelry, a custom-made alligator box.  That’s the least they can do after you’ve spent enough to buy a mini mansion?


Beautiful Things: Seeing Through The Wood Herrlicht.


These glasses you may not find at Lens Crafters.

herrlicht glasses

HERRLICHT has become a synonym for wood glasses, thanks to designer Andreas Licht who has created refined glasses that are nevertheless easy to handle.  In every HERRLICHT frame, the individual grain of the wood is preserved much like the rings you see in a tree.  A bonus part of the HERRLICHT collection is a beautiful case, too, naturally made of wood. Now, my only question is do we use Orange GLO to clean the frames!

Kim’s World

kim-world Kimie Kim, is finally here.  Good friend and fellow creative mind, Kimberly Russell, has been showing only her fellow New Yorkers her talent with the different looks that she models everyday.  Her friends have been lucky enough to get some of Kim’s styling wisdom throughout the years.  Now, she has finally decided to share with everyone her love and passion for making us look wonderful no matter what size you are or the budget you’re working with.  Check out her suggestions, projects, and fashion adventures every week.

Kim’s World: Enter

They Look Just Like Butterrr!

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Only the best from Chanel!  Produced exclusively for Assouline by Chanel, this luxe slipcase is made of genuine black quilted leather and adorned with a metal Chanel logo.  The slipcase includes 3 memoires celebrating Gabrielle Chanel’s revolutionary style: Chanel Fashion, Chanel Fine Jewelry, and Chanel Perfume.

The Chanel 3 Book set, Special Edition

Viktor & Rolf Undresses and Dresses Again.

vikor and rolf fall 10
Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren always keeps us coming back for more with their unique clothes. The fashion shows that they gave us for Fall’10, will have you talking about it like a must see movie.

Video Via: Wallpaper.