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Edina Tokodi is All for A Greener Life

Edina Tokodi


Edina Tokodi2

Edina Tokodi is a Hungarian artist displaying her stuff on the streets of Brooklyn, literally.  This eco-minded street artist is putting a new spin on living the green lifestyle by using moss for several of her installations that adorn both the exterior and interior of buildings. 

Tokodi’s moss installations of  animal figures and camouflage outgrowths have raised a few eyebrows in local urban neighborhoods.  Her pieces are meant to be touched, felt, and in turn touch you in a playful way.  

Edina Tokodi3


Michael Roberts: The Illustrator of All Trades.

Like fine wine, Michael Roberts‘ work just gets better with time.  

He has worked as a fashion photographer and illustrator, for  L’Uomo Vogue; British, Italian, French, and American Vogue, to name a few.  Having carry the titles of  fashion, style and art director for The New Yorker, The Sunday Times and Tatler, Mr. Roberts has used his knowledge of magazines and editing to publish four books showcasing his illustrations.  

Currently the fashion and style director of Vanity Fair, Mr Roberts turns mockery of the fashion world into an art with his new book ” Fashion Victims

Enjoy the video!

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The Romeo Report: Issue 26


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Look Down More Often.


It seems as though each designer wanted to make more of a statement using the shoes in their collection than the clothes this coming spring.  

Giambattista Valli gave us a new form of platform and sexy pumps rolled up into one, that had to be over 5 inches high.  ”Pile it on,” was what the heels for Louis Vuitton would say, if they can speak.  Dolce & Gabbana created training heels for us this Spring and Prada and Marni wanted us to wear socks or tights with their creations.  With the economy being the way it is right now, designers couldn’t hold back, they had to give us more than the clothes to chose from.  

spring-shoes-2We get more wear out of our shoes, than clothes anyway, so when you buy one of the unique pair of shoes from your favorite designer this spring, know this, you’ll be walking in a pair of art pieces.


Ice Never Taste So Good.

I love it when Jewelry and Fashion Designers collborate to create unique, beautiful pieces that are only a few of us can get our hands on.  So when Baccarat,  Jean Paul Gaultier, and Evian decided to give us something new, of course who is going to refuse.  

Evian Baccarat Jean Paul Gautier

With only five made worldwide, The New York Bottle has crystal bubbles gathering at the top and base.  If you didn’t get a glimpse of at Bergdorf Goodman’s Fifth Avenue windows last week, the glass water bottle is now at  Soho Grand then off to the Buddha Bar, before heading back home to Paris.

bubblesized1Hopefully this turns into a tradition. Last year Evian worked with Christian Lacroix to create a haute couture bottle.  Click here to view.


More On More.

Personally, I’ve always been a lover of the bangles.  I’ll pile as much as I can and wear them as often as possible.  This Spring, my favorite accessory will be the attention grabber.   Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Louis Vuitton and Emilio Pucci, are just some of the collections that made the bangles stand out on the runways.    We no longer just have the  traditional circle bracelets, there are  triangles, octagons, a circle in a square like Burberry Prorsum.banglesMaterials like wood, plastic, ivory and metal gives us more choices.  Forget the earrings this season, it’s all about the wrists this time around.  Depending on how many bangles are worn at once , your wrists can turn into weapons.   Watch out now!

No Holds Bar at Dior!

christian-diorRecession is the word of the season.  John Galliano took advantage of the brand he designs for and used Christian Dior’s New Look for the base of his collection.

diordior2Keep in mind we are talking about Galliano, the king of fantasy and exaggeration.  So let’s put some ruffles and bouncing hemlines with cross-laced corseted backs and cartridge-paper scrolls standing out on hips.  Ohh that’s not all.  Delftware embroideries peeking from the underskirts with soft blues and elaborate lace and tulip prints, what do you get?

dior3Christian Dior customers, drooling, dreaming, spending, wearing.