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The Mad Hatters.

Nasir Mazhar-FALL 2010 lady gaga wearing nasir mazhar

Nasir Mazhar

Besides the clothes and jewelry that help define your style, what about some of us that want to add a little more with an accessory on our heads.

justin smithjustin smith 2

justin smith 3

Justin Smith

Not just something with a brim, but a piece that is custom made for your head, or a style of hat that needs it’s own seat!  A hat can make more of a statement than everything else you’re wearing and thanks to milliners like  Nasir Mazhar, Philip Treacy and Justin Smith they keeps your eyes up, way up.

philip-treacyPicture 3

Philip Treacy

philip treacy for Alexander Mcqueentreacy

Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen

They are competing with fashion designers for the attention and with their creations, they’re on their way to winning.

Happy New Year. Year Two Here We Come! is ready for 2010 . To start things off right, I needed something that would pop for my first art project in this new year. I found an image that I was able to sketch from and create at least 12 different versions. The same thing was done for my first art project of 2009, TheRomeoReport: Issue 19, this could become a tradition, let’s see what I can come up with for the next 12 months. Enjoy!

The Romeo Report Continuing in 2010 from Kalyca Romeo on Vimeo.

The Romeo Report: Issue 66

the romeo report issue 66

Continuing the tradition from 2009

Creative Minds: Thinking Outside The Box.

The Outsiders are in. A magazine photo shoot that shows us how nonsense can make you do a double take.  A jewelry design duo makes you wear lips on you shirt and Michael Jackson around your neck plus a sculptor who will never let a book go to waste.  Click on each link to get more info from these artists.Sisters Yaz & Emel joined forces to launch Yazbukey, an accessory line focusing on beaded leather pieces but it has since grown into a clothing line, shoes and dog clothing.


Born and raised in different countries, the two sisters, Descendants of Mehment Ali Pasha King of Egypt, Emel and Yaz decided to settle down in Paris to create a very playful universe inspired by, Gershwin’s music, tales of La Fontaine & Grimm , movies from Hitchock to Tim Burton.

Nicholas Jones

One person’s trash is another’s canvas to create beautiful art. Nicholas Jones been described as a a book artist who collects books that have been discarded, he then folds, tears, cuts also sews the pages creating beautiful installations.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, this sculptor who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1997) and a Master of Art (2001) had several solo exhibitions in Australia, it’s just a matter of time before he is state side creating exquisite art installations from our books.

Magazine: Avenue Illustrated, Photographer- Paco Peregrín, Stylist- Kattaca and Make up artist and Hairdresser- Genoveva Gamez

Diamonds and Girls: Friends for Life

Click Here to Purchase.

I Don't Think So: I'll Pass on The Hip Action

We’re already halfway through New York Fashion Week for Spring ’10 and  the trends are started to make their presence know to us from the talented designers,  but there is one in particular, I hope doesn’t become a hit.

For most of us, bringing attention to our hips is a big no no, so I don’t  understand why Preen would make pieces like this for women to wear?

Preen Spring 10 Preen SPring 10 a

We understand that some designers are always thinking outside the box, and they want their garments to be forms of walking art, but at the same time,  shouldn’t these pieces of art be pleasing to the consumer?

As much as we glamorize fashion, most importantly it is a business.  You have to be able to sell your products and if the people don’t like your art, no money is made…. you can guess where this goes.

This is a true example where the artist/designer forgets how to make the creations and his/her business side merge to make a happy home.

Designers of today,tomorrow and next week, you only get about 15 minutes to sell the creations you’ve slaved over for  months and spent thousands of dollars on, don’t waste a minute on something that most likely will not sell, especially in these economic times. Know your customer and make sure she feels great in your clothes, not wondering about if she is a hippy one.

I Don’t Think So:

How Much?

Antonio Berardi Heels

Well Maybe for The Enviroment

Beat This.


“Not letting anything stop you,” sounds like something artist Edgar Muller would say. He came from a rural city in Germany to become one of the world’s top street painters.  Always looking for new forms through which to express himself, Mr. Muller has decided to take this new art form and create his own style, drawing inspiration from three-dimensional illusion paintings from Kurt Wenner and  Julian Beever.

Edgar Muller

Since 1998 Edgar Müller, has held the title of ‘maestro madonnari’ (master street painter), at the world’s largest street painting festival, called The Grazie Festival, in the town of Grazie, Italy.  Edgar Müller’s extraordinary art has been widely covered in print and digital media. Give him a bit more time and you may see his work on neighborhood street near you!


mISS m.I.A

Where are you? What have you been up to? When will the site be ready?

Some of the questions I’ve been asked, these past two months. With obstacles and events popping up into my life, they’ve force me to put certain projects and goals on the back burners to simmer.

My website is now a priority again.  Early August is when I would like the site made public. In the meantime, I’ve been contacting my favorite vendors, just ordered some supplies and updated several accounts I will need (shipping, merchant, hosting,etc). I have a meeting with my web designer before the week’s end to go over some new layouts which, he may want to kill me because I’m making more changes. Also have to take several photos of my merchandise.

I did manage to do something these past weeks though. Moved my blog!

With words of advise from great friends in smart places. I’ve decided to move from and put my blog on  This allows me to have more freedom with layouts, advertising and the  contents of my posts.

Got a new signup page too. One of my art pieces is what you’ll see when you visit Visual stimulation is what I’m going for. It’s just a matter of time before you see my biggest project ever come to life. Rushing it just wouldn’t be right.

Stay tuned!!