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Darcel Where You At?

Picture 1

Came across these series of images from artist Craig Redman. His cartoon character Darcel of Darcel Disappoints made an appearance at the newly opened Louis Vuitton London Maison, and gave us his personal commentary.  Actions speak louder than words with D.D.

See Darcel’s entire day at Louis Vuitton


The Greek Gods Are In The Clouds.


The Clash Of The Titans are being played out within these clouds.  The photographer behind the series of shots is George Benson.  With a degree in fine art film and 3D computer graphics, designing and art directing work for clients  Audi, The Streets, BBC, Gnarls Barkley and Renaissance recordings, it’s better to call Mr. Benson a Photographic Artist.


Cloud Study by George Benson

Check out the photography projects G.Benson has worked on.

Beautiful Things: Throwing Up Pucci Style!

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A great new book to have in your fashion library, Emilio Pucci by Vanessa Friedman and Armando Chitolina.  If not for inspiration, but just to look at the pretty colors over and over again!  Can’t wait to get mine next month.

Lashes Two Feet Long!

Elena Sofia Tinis

Long and exaggerated bodies, the definition of fashion illustrations, but a new name to the Illustrators roster  Elena Sofia Tinis, gives her figures a little more attitude in the eyes, noses and butts!  Good way to stand out and create a signature look!  Can wait to see Tinis do a makeup campaign.

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Beautiful Things: Seeing Through The Wood Herrlicht.


These glasses you may not find at Lens Crafters.

herrlicht glasses

HERRLICHT has become a synonym for wood glasses, thanks to designer Andreas Licht who has created refined glasses that are nevertheless easy to handle.  In every HERRLICHT frame, the individual grain of the wood is preserved much like the rings you see in a tree.  A bonus part of the HERRLICHT collection is a beautiful case, too, naturally made of wood. Now, my only question is do we use Orange GLO to clean the frames!

Food & Accessories, Music to My Ears.

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Someone has read my mind, after all these years of praying for it, and putting it out there, two of my favorite things have been put together, literally!  Now this is where things could get a bit tricky, especially for a combo request like food and accessories. You have to be specific or else you never know what you’ll get in return.


These bags are how I’ll keep the healthy stuff close by from day to night!  May also have a problem with people trying to steal my food.


I will happily but these boots into my mouth and keep it moving.  Much better than putting it where the sun doesn’t shine.


For my chic dare devil friends.  You can eat, and be safe at the same time.  Don’t have to do anything, just let the watermelon juice drip down.


OMG, a man after my own heart.  Are those jelly beans, oh and a caramel swirl!  You do love me!  I do I do I do.

These photos plus many more are from Fulvio Bonavia’s latest book  Fulvio Bonavia: “Matter of Taste” It’s full of creations made with natural and edible elements.

Music of The Week: We Have Band.

We Have Band

The trio that makes up this band all have a music background.  Former employees EMI,Thomas WP, Dede WP, and Darren Bancroft describe themselves as the “disco-rock trio,” offering us a mix of danceable pop and electro.  We Have Band, have already been featured on several compilation albums and sampled by such prominent electronic acts as Friendly Fires.  The band’s first two singles ”Oh” and “Hear It in the Can,” hit blog spaces and compilations hard in 2008 and their debut album (Naive) was released last month!

We Have Band 2

Check them out on MySpace

Buy tracks from We Have Band on ITunes.

They haven’t performed in the US yet, but hopefully we’ll see We Have Band stateside soon!

Kim’s World

kim-world Kimie Kim, is finally here.  Good friend and fellow creative mind, Kimberly Russell, has been showing only her fellow New Yorkers her talent with the different looks that she models everyday.  Her friends have been lucky enough to get some of Kim’s styling wisdom throughout the years.  Now, she has finally decided to share with everyone her love and passion for making us look wonderful no matter what size you are or the budget you’re working with.  Check out her suggestions, projects, and fashion adventures every week.

Kim’s World: Enter

Swimming Without Getting Wet.

The Swimming Pool Installation: There is a shallow layer of water on a pane of Plexiglas. Through the side entrance, one can enter the pool under this layer of water.

That’s my kind of pool, thanks Mr. Erlich for allowing me to do a couple of laps without messing my hair.

Leandro Erlich, is an Argentinean who describes himself as a Home Depot Junkie.  This name suits him since most of his art installations are named after typical rooms or parts of a house, but don’t worry, this artist is no bore with his creations.  If you ever saw some of Leandro’s work around the world, you’ll know that you can never get the look he creates from Home Depot or any other hardware store!


VIA leandroerlich

IKEA With No Instructions.

Kenyon Yeh

Imagine one day you buy some furniture from IKEA, open the box and there are no instructions… You then decide to take matters into your own hands and create something completely different from the image on the IKEA box.  What you your original piece look like?  Designer,  Kenyon Yeh, did just that.


Kenyon assembled the pieces from a standard IKEA flat pack, customizing each piece to fit his own personal taste.  He says, “The process is liberating and brings a limitless attitude of possibility to the flat pack market.”