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Lashes Two Feet Long!

Elena Sofia Tinis

Long and exaggerated bodies, the definition of fashion illustrations, but a new name to the Illustrators roster  Elena Sofia Tinis, gives her figures a little more attitude in the eyes, noses and butts!  Good way to stand out and create a signature look!  Can wait to see Tinis do a makeup campaign.

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Food & Accessories, Music to My Ears.

Picture 1

Someone has read my mind, after all these years of praying for it, and putting it out there, two of my favorite things have been put together, literally!  Now this is where things could get a bit tricky, especially for a combo request like food and accessories. You have to be specific or else you never know what you’ll get in return.


These bags are how I’ll keep the healthy stuff close by from day to night!  May also have a problem with people trying to steal my food.


I will happily but these boots into my mouth and keep it moving.  Much better than putting it where the sun doesn’t shine.


For my chic dare devil friends.  You can eat, and be safe at the same time.  Don’t have to do anything, just let the watermelon juice drip down.


OMG, a man after my own heart.  Are those jelly beans, oh and a caramel swirl!  You do love me!  I do I do I do.

These photos plus many more are from Fulvio Bonavia’s latest book  Fulvio Bonavia: “Matter of Taste” It’s full of creations made with natural and edible elements.

Swimming Without Getting Wet.

The Swimming Pool Installation: There is a shallow layer of water on a pane of Plexiglas. Through the side entrance, one can enter the pool under this layer of water.

That’s my kind of pool, thanks Mr. Erlich for allowing me to do a couple of laps without messing my hair.

Leandro Erlich, is an Argentinean who describes himself as a Home Depot Junkie.  This name suits him since most of his art installations are named after typical rooms or parts of a house, but don’t worry, this artist is no bore with his creations.  If you ever saw some of Leandro’s work around the world, you’ll know that you can never get the look he creates from Home Depot or any other hardware store!


VIA leandroerlich

They Look Just Like Butterrr!

Picture 2

Only the best from Chanel!  Produced exclusively for Assouline by Chanel, this luxe slipcase is made of genuine black quilted leather and adorned with a metal Chanel logo.  The slipcase includes 3 memoires celebrating Gabrielle Chanel’s revolutionary style: Chanel Fashion, Chanel Fine Jewelry, and Chanel Perfume.

The Chanel 3 Book set, Special Edition

IKEA With No Instructions.

Kenyon Yeh

Imagine one day you buy some furniture from IKEA, open the box and there are no instructions… You then decide to take matters into your own hands and create something completely different from the image on the IKEA box.  What you your original piece look like?  Designer,  Kenyon Yeh, did just that.


Kenyon assembled the pieces from a standard IKEA flat pack, customizing each piece to fit his own personal taste.  He says, “The process is liberating and brings a limitless attitude of possibility to the flat pack market.”


Space Saver: Wall-Mounted Fireplace.

Picture 5

The smaller the apartments we live in the more we appreciate the wall space.  Flat screens put smiles on many faces, but mounting a fireplace on the wall, now that’s the high life!

The Cupola fireplace is as easily installed as a flat-screen TV. It’s the world’s only hemisphere-shaped biofueled fireplace  that requires no flue.

Picture 3

For some of us, living the city life, will have more meaning once we can roast chestnuts over our own open fire and not watch it on the flat screen TV anymore.

Picture 6

Via: Vauni

Click Click Snap Snap Click Click Snap.

Seagull 4B-1 TLR Camera
Seagull 4B-1 TLR Camera has such a wide selection of analogue cameras, there’s at least one that will suite you!

Diana F+ Chrome
Diana F+ Chrome

Try the old-school way with pinholes cameras. Chrome things up with the Diana F+ Camera and thank Mother Russia for giving us the finest, camera artifacts of recent and old times.

ActionSampler Clear
ActionSampler Clear

Visit Lomography to purchase your art taker.

Artist: Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford

All the objects that our dogs love chewing on, have come back to haunt them.  Buttons, broken toys, clothes pegs, plus other recycled plastic items – on wood.  All of these materials are used by UK-based artist Robert Bradford to create  these colorful puppy sculptures.

Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford

Everything Will Fit, Everything!


Sarah Williams, a graduate student from London College of Fashion, decided that her MA project will be somewhat of a space saver for all corners and every angle.  The project untitled “Crafted Fashion” is a beautifully, innovatively designed luggage collection that goes against the grain.




Let’s see you try to fit one of these pieces in the overhead compartment.  To purchase one of Williams’ bespoke pieces or to just browse visit