Sweets and Jewelry, Don’t Hate Marie Antoinette.

Chocolate is a woman’s best friend along with diamonds. Wouldn’t we love to live like Marie Antoinette, sitting in our parlor, eating gourmet candy, chocolate or pastries while dripping in diamonds and other jewels? We may not have Ladies In Waiting or wear white wigs, but we can get the chocolates and jewels much faster to our front doors, than Marie Antoinette ever could. HRH (Her Royal Highness) meet the WWW (World Wide Web).

Click on each piece below to purchase these great items from Body Candy, Z Chocolate, Shopgoldyn and Asford.  Enjoy!

Body Candy Italian Charms Laser IOTA Greek Letter LOWER CASE$4.99 Body Candy Italian Charms Laser THETA Greek Letter LOWER CASEFor Body Candy Italian Charms Laser NU Greek Letter LOWER CASE


Body Candy Italian Charms Laser EPSILON Greek Letter LOWER CASE


Chocolate Box With I Love You Engraved In French (15 pieces)$47.99 Love Box  With Heart-Shaped Bergamote Chocolates (10 pieces)$33.27 4 Love Boxes Filled With Heart-Shaped Chocolates (40 pieces)$94.71 Trendy Steel Colored Chocolate Box With Velcro Lock (10 pieces)$29.43

Adorning your fingers while eating chocolate shall make it taste so much better!

14kt Gold Diamond Twist$568.00 18kt gold and Black Diamond Pave Ring$4,500.00 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Moss Ring$650.00 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Twist Trio$1650.00

Don’t be fooled, men like chocolate too, but no heart shaped or pink boxes.

Trendy Steel Colored Chocolate Box With Velcro Lock (15 pieces)$38.39 Mahogany 3-Drawer Chocolate Box (45 pieces)$153.59 Trendy Steel Colored Chocolate Box With Velcro Lock (15 pieces)$47.49 5 Mini Mahogany Chocolate Boxes (25 pieces)$115.19

I’m quite sure Marie Antoinette didn’t have the luxury of a beautiful timepiece on her wrist.

Gucci YA068501 6800 Diamond Pave Dial Bamboo Over Stainless Steel Women's Watch$1,995.00 Now $675.00 Concord 0311535 Mariner Black and Diamond Dial Stingray Leather Women's Watch$8,490.00 Now $2,125.00 Seiko SXGN50 Diamond Blue Dial Stainless Steel and Gold Plated Women's Watch$425.00 Now $191.00
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