I Don't Think So: I'll Pass on The Hip Action

We’re already halfway through New York Fashion Week for Spring ’10 and  the trends are started to make their presence know to us from the talented designers,  but there is one in particular, I hope doesn’t become a hit.

For most of us, bringing attention to our hips is a big no no, so I don’t  understand why Preen would make pieces like this for women to wear?

Preen Spring 10 Preen SPring 10 a

We understand that some designers are always thinking outside the box, and they want their garments to be forms of walking art, but at the same time,  shouldn’t these pieces of art be pleasing to the consumer?

As much as we glamorize fashion, most importantly it is a business.  You have to be able to sell your products and if the people don’t like your art, no money is made…. you can guess where this goes.

This is a true example where the artist/designer forgets how to make the creations and his/her business side merge to make a happy home.

Designers of today,tomorrow and next week, you only get about 15 minutes to sell the creations you’ve slaved over for  months and spent thousands of dollars on, don’t waste a minute on something that most likely will not sell, especially in these economic times. Know your customer and make sure she feels great in your clothes, not wondering about if she is a hippy one.

I Don’t Think So:

How Much?

Antonio Berardi Heels

Well Maybe for The Enviroment


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