I Don't Think So…..Well Maybe for the Environment.

I rarely venture above 42nd st.  Uptown and downtown in NYC are like  day and night when it comes to the way people live. On one of my rare  strolls on 56th St., I saw something that made me do a double take.

Organic Dry Cleaning

Yup, had to photograph it, because seeing is believing. Since then  I’ve seen two other cleaners offering this service.   Unfortunately the  cleaners were closed when I strolled by, and this inquiring mind wanted to know more, so off to the World Wide Web .

Click Here Organic Dry Cleaning

My neighborhood cleaners were clueless to this process. One place hung up on me while another wanted to know more about it.  Organic dry cleaning might be a process, that many cleaners don’t offer yet. I’m always for greener safer planet, so anything that  helps the environment is welcomed downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the  Bronx.

Note: Scope out your local area for organic dry cleaners. But before you give them your business, make sure they are using the carbon dioxide cleaning process.
Read more:http://www.thedailygreen.com/going-green/tips/735#ixzz0LmEp42Su

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  1. Laurence

    I work at a dry cleaners. The organic part they are refering to could be one of two things. One, they are using a CO2 cleaning process like GreenEarth. Two, they are using a twist on words to suck you in. Organic dry cleaning technically means anything involving carbon, and seeing as everything on the planet including the clothes and dry cleaning machine are made of carbon they are technically correct. Be careful not to be sucked in by false advertising.

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